Our Simple Pricing Model

Straight-Forward Pricing for Graph ETL and Modelling

Plans to Suit Your Needs

Our simple, pre-defined plans are designed to cover most use cases. In reality, when it comes to graph models, there are many use cases that are unique, please get in touch to discuss your requirements if they are not covered by the plans below.

Free Edition


Available for academic use.

  • Checkmark Graph.Build Studio IDE & Visual Graph Modelling Tool
  • Checkmark Single Node Transformer Bundle
  • Checkmark Single User Only
  • Checkmark Community Support

Enterprise Edition

  • Checkmark Unlimited Transformers Cluster
  • Checkmark Unlimited Users
  • Checkmark Distributed HA Topology
  • Checkmark Plugin Graph.Build Transformation Functions
  • Checkmark Provenance Generation
  • Checkmark Update / Insert Mode
  • Checkmark Change Data Capture for SQL Sources
  • Checkmark Premium Support

Need clarification?

What is a User?

A user is an active session in the Graph.Build Studio, which is the visual modelling tool and graph building IDE. With a single user, therefore, it is only possible for one person (or several gathered at one machine) to work on the model at any one time.

What is a Transformer?

A Graph.Build transformer is a connector used for a particular type of data source, examples include the SQL Transformer and the Semi-Structured File Transformer.

What is a Writer?

A Graph.Build Writer is a connector that loads data from the platform into a specific graph database.

Can I have more functionality than standard for a Proof of Concept?

Please contact us to discuss your specific use case and we will endeavour to find a trial that works for you.

Why do you bill in GBP?

We bill our clients in GBP because we are based in the UK. If you have a requirement to be billed in a different currency then please contact us through the website and we will provide you with a quotation in your chosen currency.