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No-Code Automation for Lightning-Quick Graph Data Production

Graph.Build Studio

The revolutionary Studio user interface allows graphs of any type (Semantic or Property) to be visualised and configured through simple drag and drop of source data.

Work smarter

Vastly reduce the time and resource required to get graph projects off the ground leaving more time to gain insights from your data.


Allow subject matter experts to collaborate on graph creation by removing technical barriers.

Scalable Architecture

The architecture of the Graph.Build Platform allows for enterprise-level scale.

Components can be run in cloud or on prem and scaled horizontally or vertically as required to transform at speed.

Kafka integration allows seamless incorporation with existing workflows and the creation of source to target data pipelines in minutes.

Any Source, Any Database

With the Graph.Build Transformers, you can build a graph model using data from any source including SQL sources, Kafka Streams, XML, CSV,  JSON, XLSX and ODS files. What's more, using the change data capture feature of Graph.Build you can easily keep your Graph Database in sync with its source.

The Graph.Build Writer makes sure that you can write your model to any graph database and if you choose to change your database provider in the future, Graph.Build can easily handle that too.


Free Trial

  • Free of charge for 30 days
  • Suitable for proof of concept
  • All the same features as Student Edition


  • Free of charge
  • SQL Lens Only
  • Single Instance
  • Only for use in non-commercial, educational settings
  • 1 User


  • Tailored Pricing
  • All Lenses
  • Unlimited Data Sources
  • 10 Users Included
  • Additional Users Available