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Build Graphs Visually

The Graph.Build Studio is a no-code tool used to build graphs through visualising the graph model. It is not a simple graph modelling tool though, it does more.

By connecting the Graph.Build Transformers and Graph.Build Writers to the Studio, it becomes an IDE for your graph data production activities.

A Graph Modelling Tool With Usable Output

When used as the centre of the Graph.Build Platform, the Studio combines Graph ETL and Graph Modelling. However, If used  as a stand-alone graph modelling tool it can provide data that can be used in production later. In the tool you can build either semantic/RDF models or property graph models. From these, you can test the models within Studio on your real data and then output the models in either RDF (Semantic Graph) or Node and Edge CSV (Property Graph) format.

Why Graph.Build Studio?

"We wanted to break down the hurdles of graph creation by creating a tool that anyone can use, not just developers. In turn, data scientists can test and roll out their initiatives at speed and with significantly less spend."