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The freedom to choose the database that works for you.

The Graph.Build Writer can publish your graph model and data from the platform into any RDF or LPG database. With so many of these in existence, we haven't named them all but a few of the popular ones are listed below. The point is, you can choose the database to use now, perhaps you already use one, and if you change your mind in the future that's a simple change when using Graph.Build.

Graph.Build Writer

Don't be tied to one technology

  • LPG & RDF Compatible
  • Update Mode
  • Insert Mode
  • Horizontally Scalable


Why Graph.Build Writer?

"There are a lot of useful tools available for graph building but many of these are specific to a graph database provider. Our Transformers don't care about what kind of data you import so we thought that our solution shouldn't care about what kind of database you want to write to. After all, things change."