Knowledge Graph Conference 2023

Richard Loveday will be speaking at the Knowledge Graph Conference 2023 in May at Cornell Tech in NYC. In the talk he will demo Graph.Build's capabilities.

The Knowledge Graph Conference 2023 is just around the corner, and we are excited to announce that Richard Loveday from Graph.Build will be giving a talk showcasing our cutting-edge platform for automating graph data production.

Knowledge Graph Conference 2023

Knowledge Graphs are an increasingly important part of many industries, from finance and healthcare to social media and e-commerce. However, creating and managing knowledge graphs can present many hurdles and resource drains, requiring specialised knowledge and expertise. This is where Graph.Build breaks down these barriers and meets these challenges with ease.

During his talk, Richard will showcase the features and capabilities of the Graph.Build platform, and demonstrate how it can be used to build knowledge graphs from data cleansing, transformation and loading to collaborative graph model development and testing. He will explain how the tool works, and highlight some of the key benefits of using it, including increased efficiency, improved accuracy, removal of vendor lock and reduced costs.

One of the most exciting aspects of Graph.Build is its ability to automatically produce graph data from a wide range of sources. Whether you have data in spreadsheets, databases, or other formats, Graph.Build can import and transform it into data for your graph model.

In addition to its data import and transformation capabilities, Graph.Build also includes a powerful graph model development UI which means that models can be created with no code. The platform handles both semantic and property graphs and has all the built-in features you need, plus the ability to customise when needed.

Because the platform automates the lifecycle usually followed to develop a knowledge graph, continual improvement and optimisation becomes much simpler. This is particularly useful for dynamic industries in which models need to evolve in order to remain useful.

If you are interested in learning more about the Graph.Build platform and how it can help your organisation to build and maintain knowledge graphs, be sure to attend Richard's talk at KGC 2023. With its innovative features and powerful capabilities, Graph.Build is sure to be a game-changer in the world of knowledge graphs.

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